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White Wines

Rose'- hickory hollow Cab Franc ready in the spring

Chardonnay- hickory hollow coming soon

Gewürztraminer-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.5RS ...... $16.99
Like a Gewürztraminer from the soils of Alsace. Aroma: An array of spices. Taste: Tangerine, lime, melon and a vanilla finish.

Riesling-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.2 RS ...... $13.99
Made in the Rhine Moselle style, ripe in texture. Aroma: Citrus, earth tones, pine, and pineapple. Taste: Lemon, ripe melon, and nectarine.

Semi-Dry Riesling-(hickory hollow) 2014 3.0 RS ...... $13.99
Made in the Rhine Spätlese style. Aroma: Ripe apricot and mineral. Taste: Peach, lemon, and honey with an unforgettable finish.

Cayuga White-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.75 RS ...... $8.49
A Finger Lakes favorite made to capture the fruit. Aroma: Citrus, apple and pear. Taste: Like the grape, with a clean finish.

Sweet White Wine

White Hoot- After 10 years we decided to retire White Hoot

Liquid Wisdom-(hickory hollow) NV 6.5 0RS ......$7.99
A fun fruity wine made from the grapes from the original farm. Aroma: Fresh picked grapes, and harvest time in the Finger Lakes. Taste: Succulent pear, peach, clean fresh finish.

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Discounts: 6+ Bottles 10%, 1 Case 15%

hickory hollow wine cellars
Highland Cellars

Red Wines

Cabernet Franc-(hickory hollow) 2012 0.2RS ...... $15.49
Made in the French Loire style, full of fruit and freshness. 11 months in French oak. Aroma: Light oak, blackberry, and a hint of tobacco. Taste: Ripe black cherries, spice, tea, soft tannins with a lingering smooth finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon-(hickory hollow) 2012 0.2RS ...... $16.49
Full bodied Bordeaux style. 13 months in French oak. Aroma: Plum, currant, leather, and earth. Taste: Ripe blackberry with deep fullness and presence.

Highland Glenn-(Highland Cellars) 2010 0.2 RS ...... $20.00
A full bodied red blend, aged, 24 months in French oak. Aroma: Complex: Earth, wildflower, and oak. Taste: Mixed berries, spice, strong finish and a smooth texture.

Syrah-(Highland Cellars) 2011 0.0 RS.....$17.49
A robust wine,15 months in French oak. Aroma: Dark chocolate with smokey overtones. Taste: Licorice and berries with ripe fruit.

Zineca-(hickory hollow) 2012 0.0RS......$20.00
100% Zinfandel, 18 months in French oak, with port like characteristics. Aroma: Raisin and plum. Taste: Complex array of raisin and spice flavors.

Sweet Red Wines

Red Hoot-(hickory hollow) NV 5.0 RS ......$9.99
An interesting blend of fruit, Cayuga and Cab-Franc give this wine a wonderful balance Aroma: Ripe cherries. Taste: Strawberries and a smokey, smooth finish.

Ol’ Hickory-(hickory hollow) NV 6.05 RS ......$7.99
Taste the power of Ol” Hickory 12.5% alcohol. Aroma: Lively strawberries, citrus, with a clean finish and a hint of cinnamon.

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